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Mechanical Services

Keep your vehicle running as well as it looks and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Your car will last longer and you will save money in the long run if you take care of it along the way. Our technician’s personal car has over 365,000 miles and he drives it every day!

Our Service Schedule Recommendations

Oil & Filter Replacement Every 5,000 miles
Brake Pad/Rotor Inspection and Replacement Every 60,000 miles or via insp
Air Cleaner Inspection and Replacement Every 15,000 miles
Cabin Filter Inspection and Replacement Every 30,000 miles
Spark Plug & Oxygen Sensor Replacement Every 100,000 miles
Rear End Differential Fluid Every 60,000 miles
Flush Brake Fluid Every 2 years


  Service Fee Materials
Oil and Filter $10 Cost
Front Brake Pad Replacement $125 Cost
Rear Brake Pad Replacement $125 Cost
Front Rotor/Pad Replacement FREE Cost
Rear Rotor/Pad Replacment FREE Cost
Air Cleaner Inspection and Replacement $10 Cost
Cabin Filter Inspection and Replacement $25 Cost
Spark Plug and Oxygen Sensor Replacement $40 Cost
Flush Brake Fluid $65 Cost