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It's All in the Details

Why Use the Right Products?

Many detailers and individual car owners clean their vehicles using common mass market detailing products. While they may do the job, they aren't always the right solution. FPD uses only the absolute best products available and we pride ourselves on the results they achieve. Together with our proven techniques and professional tools, we take detailing to a new level of clean and shine.

What is Detailing?

In this section I will give you some guidance on some car cleaning and detailing services, what they are, and how often they should last or should be performed.


A good hand wash with professional products and proper technique can not only keep your vehicle looking sharp, it can prolong the quality finish and extend the life of your detail. This can be done weekly. Hand washing can remove the loose dirt and grime, clean the effects from rain, and remove hazards such as tar and bird deposits.


"Claying" your vehicle will remove industrial fallout, embedded contaminants, and prepare your surface for a proper detail. This should really be performed with every detail. Claying can benefit for three months if properly maintained.


High speed polishing with professional products can remove light to medium scratches, swirl marks, and etching. This is the step to perform needed paint correction. Polishing will bring back the shine and finish.


Wax will provide protection against the environment. It will restore color and gloss to your finish. A quality wax job will last three to six months.


Paint sealants will provide a protective coating and top off your detail. This will give you that desired "wet look". We use a blend of polymers, resin, and zonyl; the best on the market. Sealant topping off your detail will last nine to twelve months.